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  • Product Design
  • Web Development
  • Backend Development
  • Security


The Home Depot, a global leader in home improvement retail, engaged us to design and develop a platform to manage their logistics operations. The primary objective of the platform was to evaluate the most cost-effective and time-efficient options for transporting logistics through third-party vendors. Furthermore, it needed to be able to track shipment status and live location, as well as communicate EDI messages to vendors with detailed shipment information.

To streamline the invoicing process, the platform was designed to create invoices and send them to vendors upon shipment. The platform had to be reliable, fast, and scalable to handle the high volume of logistics operations of The Home Depot. The team collaborated closely with The Home Depot to ensure the platform met all their requirements and delivered an efficient and effective logistics management solution.


The Home Depot project came with several challenges, including security concerns that arose from previous development work done by another team. To address these concerns, the team decided to switch from PHP to Java Spring Boot, which offered enhanced security measures.

Creating a secure platform was also a top priority for the client, requiring advanced encryption algorithms to be used in storing and transmitting sensitive information.

The project also faced functional challenges, including issues with data transfer methods and the need to ensure that the system could communicate and exchange data seamlessly with all third-party logistics vendors. The team had to align the system to ensure accurate evaluation of shipment cost and time with third-party vendors.


Implemented Java Spring Boot for backend to ensure better security and scalability for the platform.

Implemented advanced security measures such as role-based access control and encryption for data at rest and in transit to ensure a highly secure platform.

Integrated the platform with third-party logistics providers through API integration to enable real-time tracking of shipments and automatic updates to the platform.

Designed and developed a robust system that can communicate and exchange data with all the third-party logistics vendors.

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