What We Did

  • UX & UI Design
  • Product Architecture
  • Mobile Development
  • Backend Development
  • Security


Finutss is a fitness app designed for indoor bikes and treadmills, offering users a unique and engaging home training experience. It utilizes real geographic information to create virtual exercise routes, allowing users to explore new locations and enjoy diverse workout paths.

What sets Finutss apart is its emphasis on social connectivity. Users can exercise, chat, and make friends in real time, transforming their workouts into a shared experience. Whether it's friendly competition or collaborative challenges, Finutss fosters a sense of community and motivation.

Setting up Finutss is quick and easy. By attaching a Bluetooth sensor to their exercise equipment, such as pedal bikes or treadmills, users can seamlessly connect to the app and start their workouts right away. With Finutss, users can enjoy personalized workouts, social interaction, and a sense of adventure from the comfort of their own homes.



During the development of Finutss, our team encountered several challenges. Firstly, testing the code posed difficulties due to the involvement of sensors. This required extensive testing during the development phase, which took additional time for developers to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the sensor data.

Additionally, there were technical hurdles to overcome. Integrating JavaScript libraries into the Flutter framework and making multiple API calls presented challenges that required careful coordination and troubleshooting. Managing multiple media elements at different points along the exercise route was also a complex task that required meticulous attention to detail.



For the challenge of testing the code involving sensors, we allocated dedicated time and resources for thorough testing. This allowed us to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the sensor data, resulting in a more robust and reliable user experience.

Throughout the development process, our team remained committed to proactive problem-solving, conducting thorough testing and collaborating closely to address any issues that arose. By adopting a meticulous approach and leveraging the expertise of our developers, we successfully overcame the challenges and delivered a high-quality, feature-rich app in the form of Finutss.

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